cTAF – Test Automation Redefined

The Enterprise world, including Telecom, BFSI, Retail, Pharma and Energy have always been challenged to deliver innovative services frequently as customers want real time data at their fingertips. It became utmost important to make Customer Relationship, Billing Services and Order management space agile. This ever changing customer need and demand leads to continuous development cycles which requires more and more regression testing cycles. Organizations no longer have the luxury of laborious planning and long drawn schedule for testing activity before launching of services. We are at an age where project and product life cycles are plummeting and the need for automation testing becoming a mandatory IT activity if companies are to stay ahead of time. Automation testing must be a web-enabled actively while retaining satisfactory test coverage and reducing risk. Test automations predominantly involve extensive scripting and followed by multiple test cycles.

A test automation suite for all business functions and end to end (E2E) scenarios is the best solution to this situation, however, creating these from scratch requires a lot of efforts and knowledge of automation technology. An E2E test automation framework, which can help the testers to create these automation test suites intuitively with all the technology complexity hidden, addresses this business challenge and helps immensely.

Covalensedigital presents an enterprise level “workflow” based test automation framework (cTAF) a highly configurable, customizable and technology agnostic E2E test automation framework, which can be used to build, execute and maintain the automated test suites for any system under test.

Covalensedigital has developed an on premise and cloud based Test Automation Framework, which will reduce the cost of test automation by as much as 50% during Upgrade, Testing, Support, and E2E lifecycle management. Staff was developed leveraging our in-depth communications and enterprise domain knowledge and extensive testing experience. Our workflow based comprehensive solution staff – Covalensedigital Test Automation Framework facilitates the rapid deployment of API and UI driven automatons which streamlines testing by workflow and optimizes the testing cycle of the customer.

A brief outline of the model has been summarized below along with its objectives, architecture and core features:

cTAF Benefits

  • Improves Tester’s Efficiency Manual testing often leads to errors and often followed by tester’s exasperation. CTAF while alleviating testers’ frustrations also allow the test execution without user interaction while guaranteeing repeatability and accuracy.
  • Increase in Test Coverage The advantage of cTAF is it can examine and investigate memory contents, data tables, file contents, and internal program states to determine if the product is behaving as expected. cTAF thus easily executes thousands of different complex test cases during a test run, providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests. Once the testing team is relieved from repetitive manual tests they can create newer automated software tests and deal with complex features.
  • Increase in Speed and Accuracy cTAF is built for speed and accuracy and after a one time effort of moving manual testing to automation the IT team can start seeing the benefits in speed and accuracy by 30% on first instance and as all projects are moved into automation and with reusability and workflow modelling this could go up to 60% over a period of time.
  • Utilize Existing Investment on Automation There are cases where organizations have already started building automation suites for some part of their system using low level programming and scripting tools like JUnit, selenium, Soap UI, etc. cTAF can import those automation artifacts and provide an integrated test management across different automation technologies.

cTAF Features

  • A workflow designer tool to define the test scenarios.
  • Large pre-built set of generic tasks widgets, e.g. database lookup, UNIX command executer, web-service invoker, Message listener, etc. with Configurable and Customizable Dashboard.
  • Product/Domain specific pre-built set of tasks widget, E.g. w.r.t. the billing domain, Create billing Account, Process Usage, Run-billing, Invoicing, along with Order Management, CRM Tools etc.
  • Tool to specify expected vs. actual result comparison.
  • Provision to add more task widgets.
  • Pattern based architecture, allowing easy extensibility and customizability according to the business need.
  • Provision for executing the test cases through a click of a button from the GUI, scheduling at a given day and time or including as part of the nightly build.
  • Persistence of the important parameters of the test execution cycle and test results.
  • Centralized configuration & Resource adapters and plugins to connect to external systems

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